06 Dec

We have had a very busy few weeks! Pippi had 5 gorgeous apricot and red Toy Poodles on November 17th. Her first litter she only had a single puppy, she has done a great job of learning how to manage 5 little babies all at the same time. Her sweet babies have their eyes open now and are starting to take adorable wobbly steps.

Bling had her first litter on November 24th. She did amazing for delivery and loves her sweet little Bichpoo puppies so much. I’m so proud of her! She had 5 sweet babies too. She had all boys and there are some great colors. Everything from cream to dark brown sable. I definitely need to get some pictures of these babies. One of the dark sables has light colored eyebrows. We will see when his colors come in better, but he might be a phantom sable.

Aspen had her babies on November 28th. She had 8 adorable Standard Poodle babies, 4 girls and 4 boys. Aspen is always a great mom and keeps those babies very well fed. Even with babies she still wants her morning hugs. She’s definitely missing her cuddle time, but loves having puppies.

And last but not least, Lady had her babies on November 30th. She has 4 tiny Maltipoo puppies. She has 3 girls and 1 boy. She has a great variety of colors as well. This is Lady’s second litter, she struggled a little with the first litter. It just took a little while for her to learn that they are her priority. She might be a little spoiled 🤏🏻 She’s the carry me around in a sash carrier all day long type of spoiled baby, but hey we both love it 🤷🏻‍♀️

All 22! Yes 22 babies are doing so good and growing like weeds. We have been doing ENS and ESI with the babies since they were just 3 days old. It is always so fun to see what scents the babies like and don’t like. Who is inquisitive and who couldn’t care less. It’s also a lot of fun to see the trust and confidence that is being built each day with ENS.

I haven’t taken very many pictures of the babies yet, but will starting getting pictures of them soon. Top picture is Pippi’s Toy Poodle puppies, bottom picture is Lady’s Maltipoo puppies.

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