06 Nov

Boogie and I flew to Chicago today for him to meet his forever family. He did great for the flights, we had to fly from Tulsa to Dallas and then from Dallas to Chicago. Sometimes flights don’t make sense, but it’s part of it. On both flights when we started to get up after landing, the people around us were so surprised that there had been a puppy right there and they had no idea. Once we got to Chicago, we had to walk what definitely felt like a mile from our gate to baggage claim where they met us. Boogie instantly fell in love with his forever family, they of course already loved him and had been waiting for him for quite a while. I’m so thankful for my mom and her willingness to help when I get to travel to take puppies to new places. I wouldn’t be able to deliver puppies without her help.

Picture of Boogie in his forever home for the first time. 🥰

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