Introducing Rio - a gorgeous cafe au lait standard Poodle puppy! Rio has been nurtured with the utmost care, starting with early neurological stimulation (ENS) to ensure her strong and healthy start in life. She has even introduced her to a variety of scents through early scent introduction (ESI). She's up to date on all her vaccines, including Neopar for early parvo prevention, so you can have peace of mind. She's been introduced to crate training and grooming! Socialization is key for our furry friend, and Violet has been exposed to kids, dogs of all sizes, cats, and various noises like vacuum cleaners, pots and pans, fireworks, doorbells, and more. Her lineage is top-notch - her mom is a 45 lbs black Poodle, Paris, with an Embark clear health status, and her dad is a 55 lbs Cafe au lait parti Poodle, Hugo, also Embark clear. Rio’s been pre-spoiled with love, snuggles, toys, treats, and plenty of kisses. Don't miss this opportunity to bring Rio into your life with full AKC registration. Get ready for a lifetime of love and fun with Rio - contact us today!