Introducing Frenchy, your adorable companion waiting to steal your heart! This stunning Brown and White parti Standard Poodle puppy comes with a bundle of fantastic features that will make her the perfect addition to your family. Frenchy has been given the best start in life through Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) and Early Scent Introduction (ESI), ensuring her development is off to a strong and healthy beginning. She is also up to date on all her vaccinations, including Neopar for early parvo prevention, giving you peace of mind. You can trust that Frenchy has received proper care, as she has been vet checked, dewormed according to a schedule, and microchipped for added security. Frenchy is not only well-socialized but also accustomed to various environments. She has been exposed to kids, both big and small dogs, cats, and different noises such as vacuum cleaners, pots and pans, fireworks, doorbells, and more. You can be confident that Frenchy will adapt easily to her new surroundings. Her lineage speaks volumes about her quality. Frenchy’s mom is a 42 lbs white Poodle, Embark clear, while her dad is a 50 lbs cafe au lait parti Poodle, also Embark clear. With full AKC registration, Frenchy has a stunning pedigree. She has been pre-spoiled with endless snuggling sessions, toys, treats, and an abundance of kisses. She is ready to shower you with love and affection from day one!