Looking for a loving and well-prepared puppy? Look no further! Meet Brewster, the adorable cream Standard Poodle pup who will steal your heart. Brewster has been given the best start in life, with a focus on early neurological stimulation (ENS) and early scent introduction (ESI), ensuring optimal development right from the beginning. His health is the top priority. He is up to date on all vaccines, including Neopar for early parvo prevention, and has been diligently kept on a deworming schedule. A veterinarian has thoroughly checked him to ensure he's in great shape. In addition to his excellent health, Brewster has been microchipped for added security. He has been exposed to various stimuli, such as kids, dogs (both big and small), cats, and common household noises like vacuums, pots and pans, fireworks, and doorbells. He's also comfortable with car rides, making him an ideal companion for all your adventures. Brewster’s lineage is impressive. His mom is a cafe au lait Poodle weighing 40 lbs, with an Embark clear genetic profile. His dad is a cafe au lait parti Poodle, tipping the scales at 50 lbs, also with an Embark clear genetic profile. You can have peace of mind knowing that Brewster comes with full AKC registration. Brewster has been pre-spoiled with snuggles, toys, treats, and plenty of kisses. He's ready to shower you with love and become an irreplaceable member of your family.