"Hugo" Rain
The Lover!

This boy is so awesome! There has never been a more calm, sweet, affectionate boy!

Hugo Rain is CKC registered with AKC registration pending receipt of his paperwork. Hugo is very gentle and sweet dog.  He loves to go on long walks and is working towards his tricks titles.  Hugo will easily pass his CGC--Canine Good Citizen test in March 2019.  

Hugo Rain was named after the day we got him.  The trip was across the entire state of Oklahoma--all the way to Hugo, OK.  This might not sound like very far to those who live in the Northeastern United States or Europe but consider it like driving from Ohio to Connecticut or from Germany to the Netherlands!! The weather was horrible!  It poured rain the entire trip!  Many times, we considered simply going home without our puppy. Perseverance won out and we  finally arrived to pick up our puppy.  Although he was an innocent puppy, we named him after the experience of getting him.  "Hugo Rain" was very worth the trip!

Hugo is so gentle that he plays with all the puppies from a very early age.  He simply has an amazing temperament.  He never meets a stranger and loves everyone!   We never have to worry about him injuring any of the babies because he modifies his play to the size and abilities of those around him.  

Hugo is a very nice sized stud.  He measures 26" and weighs #56.  He makes beautiful puppies!  His calm, pleasant temperament coupled with Quinn's sweet, pleasant demeanor and extreme intelligence make for some excellent puppies!


Degenerative MyelopathySOD1WT/WTCLEAR
GM2 Gangliosidosis (Poodle Type)HEXBWT/WTCLEAR
Neonatal Encephalopathy with SeizuresATF2WT/WTCLEAR
Progressive Retinal Atrophy ; Progressive Rod-Cone DegenerationPRCDWT/WTCLEAR
Von Willebrand Disease IVWFWT/WTCLEAR